Alisha's book recommendations

The rampant nature of gender-based trolling is changing the face of online communication like never before. It has served as a catalyst for women to bring awareness to an online world that is now a dangerous and unwelcoming space for them, especially those who work in the media industry. These books explore some of today's most pressing issues in this field, including: the evolution of the Internet troll and its pervasiveness in online life, how current legal systems can protect individuals from cyber-harassment without undermining freedom of expression, and how solidarity through the use of information and communications technology (ICT) is being used to galvanize support for women. 

Alisha's Twitter recommendations

These Twitter accounts are actively engaged in sharing news, holding events, and offering solutions related to the positive steps women are taking in order to find empowerment in our digital age. This mix of non-profit organizations, feminist writers, and women-centric media outlets is an indispensable source of inspiration and information. They are leaders, activists and change-makers at the centre of today's media marketplace, amplifying feminism's real purpose and power.